The Lumin team have a strong history of working with organisations and communities promoting creative, strategic and people valuing approaches to organisational and sector development.

Lumin has a particular interest in working with government agencies to develop national strategies, policies and programmes, as well as working at a community level to identify specific issues and concerns, and develop community led solutions to achieve sector-generated outcomes.

"Searchlight’s results have been immediate with new programmes and services developed as well as staff horizons broadened. WCC and Lumin have developed an effective way of pulling together information to identify not only the people in the communities, but also their barriers and needs. In this way, the judges felt that it was efficient, effective and relevant with staff putting it to good use."

Andrew LeslieCE, New Zealand Recreation Association

Strategy and Planning – lighting up your future

Lumin develops strategies and plans that marry stakeholder aspirations and sound interventions. We offer:
  • Establishment of strategic frameworks
  • Development of a vision and desired outcomes
  • Analysis of literature, legislation, policy and trends
  • Use of consultative methods including focus groups and interviews
  • Analysis of current provision and community characteristics
  • Preparation and presentation of reports and plans

"Recently we have worked with Lumin on a project that requires significant community engagement; I have been extremely impressed with the process, engagement, and outcome to date."

Alison Law, Project Management OfficeKapiti Coast District Council

“Great result this week Robyn for a piece of work that has a lot of your innovative strategic thinking, frameworks and your professionalism over the final version. We talk here about ‘respecting the past but being relevant for the future’. The WRASP in its relatively short life since its 2014 inception is living that approach and working for the Waikato region. Territorial Authority CEO endorsement in December and now full Waikato Mayoral approval to adopt and fund on Monday. A big win for the sector; a positive step for evidence-based opportunities and decision making. Thanks again – we love working with you and the Lumin team."

Matthew CooperCEO Sport Waikato

Research and Evaluation – shining the spotlight

Lumin develops strategies and plans that marry stakeholder aspirations and sound interventions. We offer:
  • Development of research and evaluation questions and methodology
  • Qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Forecasting trends and demand
  • Financial analysis
  • Reporting research and evaluation findings including recommendations

"The peer review panel was impressed with the extent of primary research that had gone into the context document. The strategy and implementation plan was clearly evidence based with a sound logic. Interesting approach of interweaving international, national and local research. There was good reference to other relevant local strategies (e.g. youth and older adults). The strategy is written in easy to understand language, with good layout, presentation and executive summary."

NZRAPeer Review Panel

“Lumin has worked hard in finding ‘the gaps’ in our programme to ensure that our final product is thorough and useful to the NZ community. They have managed to get information that we couldn’t get!”

Rachel Jury, Recreation Services ManagerUpper Hutt City Council

“Robyn is my “go to” person for building the logic between community wellbeing and the recreation sector. She is an expert who keeps evolving her knowledge and relevance to keep pace with changing and challenging times, who uses a strong evidence base and produces work that even politicians understand!"

Glenn McGovernSpaces and Places Consultant, Sport NZ

Coaching and Mentoring – helping your light to shine

Do you have staff who have unrealised potential – or do you want to make the most of your own? 

Our one to one mentoring service will put you in touch with people in your particular area of work who have skills and experience to suit your business needs. Working with others and sharing their insight and wisdom is a great way to encourage your staff and provide them with the motivation to succeed.

“The work Lumin has done to provide information on the state of sport, recreation and its relationship to health and wellbeing both locally (in Wellington) and nationally has been priceless to me. Robyn’s work was my introduction to the sport and recreation sector five years ago. She has continued to be my go to person for advice on women in sport leadership, teenage girls participation, innovation in the sport sector and strategy and planning. Robyn has played an integral part in my understanding of sport and recreation in New Zealand and I always enjoy being part of any training and development workshops she facilitates.”

Fran McEwen, Active Recreation LeadSport New Zealand

Training, Development and Assessment – brighten your leading lights

At Lumin, we believe that training is the catalyst for productivity. We develop custom training and development opportunities for a wide range of organisations and in a wide range of topics. Lumin has been co-facilitating the New Zealand Olympic Women’s Sport Leadership Academy.

We also provide training an NZQA assessment at all levels including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership and Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Programme Planning
  • Leadership and Management
  • Trainer and Assessor Training

“Having worked with many organisations in our qualification development project, Lumin stands out as the organisation that 'gets it'. Their work is always well researched, insightful, and efficient, and expresses an excellent understanding of our sector. Robyn and her team have the ability to distil complex and diverse information into communication that clearly articulates the situation. Lumin are an outstanding team of people to have as part of a project.

Dale Henderson, Chair Entertainment Technology SectorReference Group

Facilitation – helping you to shine the light

Our facilitation services are designed to help you and your teams achieve their purpose productively.  We facilitate events, forums, think tanks, consultations and meetings large or small.

“Lumin have always been my ‘go to’ for facilitating quality training and development workshops for my teams. Robyn’s knowledge and delivery style is exceptional, and most importantly she delivers the desired results."

Alison Law, Project Management OfficeKapiti Coast District Council

"Robyn has undertaken several pieces of research, development, and facilitation work for the NZOC that underpins and informs our work to support and advance women in sport at all levels. Most recently the team at Lumin have worked with us to establish a women’s leadership programme providing tailored support to retired Olympians in their pursuit of leadership roles. Robyn’s working style is respectful, encouraging excellence in the development of others."

New Zealand Olympic Committee