Projects by Lumin

The following are some examples of the projects the Lumin team have undertaken in each of our service areas. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Strategy and Planning – lighting up futures

Invercargill City Council Libraries Strategy

Invercargill City Council

  • This fresh thinking strategy builds from the Arts Culture and Heritage Strategy we prepared in 2021. It reflects contemporary thinking of libraries and their role beyond four walls, focusing outwards into communities, building ownership and belonging, and contributing to community wellbeing.
  • The Invercargill City Arts Culture and Heritage Strategy is an exciting blueprint for the future of Waihōpai and Awarua, and with a vision to reflect, connect, and inspire community identities through Kaitiakitaka, Whitau, Whakawhanaukataka and Kotahitaka. To read the Strategy click here.

Hataitai Bowling Club

Feasibility Study

  • This community engagement project identified the community’s needs – and generated options for developing the Hataitai Bowling Club buildings and grounds as a community heart. Review the study here

Invercargill Venues and Events Management Review

for Invercargill City Council

  • ICC sought to optimise the use and value of the Heritage Listed Civic Theatre and Scottish Hall, and Rugby Park. Following consultation with key stakeholders, we identified opportunities to link the venues into the wider regional picture of venues and opportunities, to develop and extend their use and value.

Maclean Park Refresh

Kapiti District Council

  • A well-loved community park with some controversial features and a highly motivated community board required a community engagement process that had integrity and enabled all community voices to be heard. This project resulted in an award winning Management and Development Plan.
  • To see the project click here
  • Click for Award winners including Maclean Park refresh here

Mornington Golf Club

  • Mornington Golf Club, based at Berhampore Golf Course was working in innovative ways with a wide range of community groups. They engaged Lumin to help identify how best to develop their facility, programmes and promotion in ways that would increase the effectiveness of their club.

Sport Waikato Regional Facilities Plan Review

  • In 2017 Lumin worked with Sport Waikato and its Advisory Group to review and refresh the Waikato Regional Sport Facilities Plan. We are currently reviewing that plan, taking a wider lens on spaces and places for physical activity beyond sport, and include a full inventory audit, school facility provision and use, and active recreation and physical activity facility provision. To read the revised Plan, click here

Sport New Zealand Disability Active Recreation and Sport Strategy 2018

  • With Sport New Zealand, Lumin consulted widely with groups and organisations across the disability, sport and recreation sectors to gain insight into the key issues for disabled people and providers.
  • To read the full report, click here
  • To read the background report, click here

WCC Parks Sport and Recreation Strategic Advice

  • Lumin has provided strategic advice to the Parks, Sport and Recreation team over many years.

UHCC Alive and Well Resource Development

  • This resource is a guide for providers who are keen to work effectively with communities to increase participation in sport and active recreation. Download the resource here

Kāpiti Coast District Council

  • Lead a major culture change programme within the Council to enhance the customer focus through a series of forums and workshops, enabling it to be Caring, Dynamic and Effective – Open for Business.

Alex Moore Park Community Sport Facility, Welllington City Council

  • Conduct a comprehensive facility needs assessment and plan to guide the development and operation of the proposed Alex Moore Park Community Sport Facility.

National Hockey Stadium Trust

  • Developed new Models of Operation for the Stadium Trust and Wellington Hockey Association, including financial forecasts, new operational structure, risk assessments, transition planning, and constitutional review.

Victoria University of Wellington

  • Working alongside the Organisational Development team this review undertook strategic alignment of the Leading People Programme to enable development of the capabilities expected of senior leaders within the university.

Tennis Central Region

New Zealand Recreation Association

  • Lumin facilitated and developed NZRA’s Strategic Plan, engaging members and stakeholders in the wider recreation sector.

Sport Wellington

  • Developed Community Sport Strategy, Communications Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

Territorial Authorities

  • Physical Activity plans for Wairarapa, Upper Hutt, Horowhenua, Kapiti, Wellington Urban Region, Selwyn District and Waimakariri.

Victoria University of Wellington

  • Reviewed the Club Support and Structure and identified the services required by clubs to ensure a sustainable and rich student club experience, a key feature of the co-curriular life on campus.

Other strategy projects

  • Working with Women in Sport Aotearoa and the IWG, this quadrennial progress report tracks the impact of four years of intervention at local and global levels. The high level results include evidence of change, key emerging themes, COVID-19 and its implications for girls and women in both sport and physical activity and priorities for action. To access the reports click here.

Research and Evaluation – shining the spotlight

Recreation Aotearoa Insights

  • Working with a network of thought leaders in the sector and the Recreation Aotearoa Insights Team, Lumin researches a range of topics relevant to the sector and produces a monthly 2-page “Insights” report including Case Studies. Recreation and Climate Change, Mental Wellbeing, Implications of COVID on communities, A Te Tiriti Centric Approach, Rangatahi and Active Recreation
  • To review Insights papers click here
  • Team building and business planning with a variety of local government and commercial organisations

The International Working Group on Women & Sport 2022 Progress Report

  • Working with Women in Sport Aotearoa and the IWG, this quadrennial progress report tracks the impact of four years of intervention at local and global levels. The high level results include evidence of change, key emerging themes, COVID-19 and its implications for girls and women in both sport and physical activity and priorities for action. To review Insights papers click here

Sport Waikato Regional Active Places Plan

  • Following our successful review in 2021, this next iteration will include a greater focus on inclusive spaces and sustainable development and management. The 2021 Plan is available here.

Sport NZ Peak Bodies

  • Lumin conducted an analysis of the role and nature of peak bodies in sport and active recreation. We developed a process to assist Sport NZ with identifying relevant peak bodies.

NZ Rugby Respect and Responsibility Review

  • Lumin have undertaken the research and writing supporting the New Zealand Rugby Respect and Responsibility Review. Using a range of interviews, workshops, online forum, literature review and comparative analysis, we have produced a Summary Report that will shape NZ Rugby’s plan of action. Supporting this is a substantive Review Report that contains the evidence on which the recommendations were made.
  • The reports are available at

Entertainment and Event Venues and Technicians

  • Training Needs Analysis of the Entertainment Venues and Entertainment Technicians. Resulted in successful partnering with Skills Active and the development of national qualifications.

NZ Universities

Skills Active

  • Training Needs Analysis across a broad range of sectors. Several projects have resulted in the creation of qualifications, certifcation pathways and training and assessment resrouces.

Upper Hutt City Council

  • Analysis and reporting on the Upper Hutt Youth Surveys.
  • Upper Hutt Recreation Plan that underpins Activation.
  • Developed the Balance Scorecard Evaluation Framework for Activation.
  • Sports Facility Needs Assessment.
  • Community Needs Analysis.

Victoria University of Wellington

  • Contributed to the Review of Recreation Services.
  • Review and development of the Student Union Building.

Wellington City Council

‘Searchlight’s results have been immediate with new programmes and services developed as well as staff horizons broadened,” NZRA Chief Executive Andrew Leslie.
  • ‘Searchlight’ Community and Market Analysis
    The ‘Searchlight’ methodology is scalable (from the community surrounding a facility up to city-wide analysis), and the fees scale to match. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Robyn
  • Research and report – Aquatics Facilities Partnerships with Schools that has resulted in considerable WCC commitment to investing in school partnerships.
  • Research and report – Improving Swim School Services.

Coaching and Mentoring – helping your light to shine

Individual Mentoring

  • Robyn has a portfolio of clients who meet her individually to explore work issues and develop productive solutions. “Over the last six months in professional mentoring sessions, Robyn has guided me through developing my team and our work through a complex re-structure. Robyn very quickly gets to the hub of the issues we’re working on. In helping me to find my way, she often takes me to places that are a complete surprise to me. I come away from each session confident and energised. How much better can mentoring get?”
  • Robyn has previously facilitated groups of emerging leaders using a structured mentoring programme.

New Zealand Olympic Committee

  • Development and delivery of the Aspiring Women Olympic Leaders programme including career planning and mentoring.
  • Governance Mentoring to address low participation of rate of women as sport governance.
  • Research and resource development to support this work.

Training and Development – brighten your leading lights

NZ Olympic Committee Women’s Sport Leadership Academy Programme

  • The NZ Olympic Women in Sport Leadership Academy was developed to support New Zealand’s female Olympians to make a positive transition from sport performance to sport leadership and connect to an international network of women leaders in sport. We are currently working to develop the next programme with a stronger inclusion of Pou Tangata, the fundamental principles underpinning the New Zealand Team. 
  • Click here for more information.

PUNA Leadership resources, Sport NZ

  • PUNA Spring of Leadership Resources
    Robyn: Chair, Leadership Framework Governance group
    This new model of leadership for sport and recreation organisations challenges everyone to clearly understand the role ‘leadership’ plays in what they do. It is relevant whether they are a paid worker or a volunteer, and whether they contribute at an individual level or as a leader of others. The Governance Group ensured the project remained on track and delivered the best outcome for our sector.
  • To read the Framework, click here

Skills Active Entertainment Technology

  • Lumin have worked closely with Entertainment Technology NZ and Skills Active to support the establishment of nationally recognised industry training for entertainment technicians, providing assessor training, registration and assessment services.
  • To view the Level 6 qualification, click here

Wellington City Council

  • In partnership with the New Zealand Recreation Association and Skills Active this is a professional development package which includes two interactive workshops, a webinar, and individual coaching, mentoring and assessment. For more information

First Line Management

  • In partnership with the Skills Active and the New Zealand Recreation Association, Lumin have developed First Line Management workshops enabling participants to work towards national qualifications. This is an opportunity for participants to reflect on their current practice and receive mentoring. Topics covered include: team building skills, organisation principles, planning performance management systems, supervising workplace and managing conflict. For more information

Skills Active

  • Workshops supporting learning towards a range of National Certificates.
  • Training and assessment services.
  • Provision of an 18-month Facility Management Training Programme towards a National Diploma for Community Recreation Facilitation Management – Level 5.

Wellington City Council – Get Set Go

  • Development of the Get Set Go recreation programming planning resource for community groups.

Cardrona Alpine Resort

  • First Line Management training for supervisory staff resulting in pre-season planning and operational alignment

Facilitation – helping you to shine the light

Business improvement

  • Facilitation of team meetings and workshops to improve team performance with a wide range of clients.

Team structure and strategy

  • Working with key teams to clarify strategy and structure, with a shared understanding and commitment to high level priorities and areas of focus. Clients include: Wellington City Council Botanic Gardens, Well Health PHO, Wellington City Council Parks, Sport and Recreation, Wellington City Council Communications and Engagement.

Arts sector

  • Facilitation of sector forums for orchestra, craft/object art, dance and theatre.
  • Facilitation of sector planning workshop to address lack of performing arts producers and producer support.
  • Facilitation of Smash Palace forums exploring the intersection and interactions where artists and scientists meet.

Sector planning workshops

  • Facilitation of sector planning workshops.
  • Outdoors New Zealand.
  • Cross-government bike stakeholders lead by ACC.
  • Land Search and Rescue Association.
  • Botanic and Heritage Garden sector.
  • Sport NZ and the outdoor sector.

Conferences, presentations, webinars and podcasts – by Robyn

Robyn has presented at many conferences, on panels and through webinars around New Zealand and is a sought after speaker.  Recent presentations and workshops:


  • 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport, Reflecting on Progress of Gender Equity in Sport


  • Presentation to the YMCA Annual Convention on the transformational change programme, Amplify the Y.



  • Facilitation of the Women and Girls Summit workshops on participation, leadership and value and visibility



  • Panel facilitation on Leisure and Wellbeing at the Australia and NZ Association for Leisure Studies Conference.



  • Chair of Plenary session at Women and Girls Summit on Sport and Active Recreation focusing on the challenges and opportunities for women and girls in play, active recreation and sport.
  • For information on the Summit click here


  • Podcast for Radio NZ with Zoe George (RNZ)
    The invisible impairments that stop women playing.
  • To listen to the podcast, click here


  • Facilitation of Fresh Eyes Panel at Museums Aotearoa Conference. Early career researchers and professionals bring fresh perspectives on practice through their engagement with recent theory and practice.


  • Presentation: Connecting Coaches: Coaching Young Athletes in a Changing World conference at the University of Otago
    How can you, as Special Agents of Change, understand the drivers for change and harness these to be more effective as coaches?
  • To read an article about this presentation click here


  • Panel facilitation – Plenary session at She Moves, She Leads, We Win: A one day forum that underscored the value of women and girls fully participating in society, highlighting the power of sport and recreation to engage and empower, and the system changes that are needed to make it a reality.


  • Recreation in Action – Who should we partner with now? New ways of defining our communities.
  • JAWS, New Zealand Recreation Association – Hot topics panel exploring current issues in the aquatics industry.


  • Thinking Recreation, New Zealand Recreation Association – Moving from thinking to action.
  • New Zealand Recreation Association – national conference – Post demographic Consumerism and its implications for recreation.


  • Entertainment Technicians New Zealand annual conference – Developing and Recognising Competence.
  • New Zealand Recreation Association, Recreation in Action conference – Presentations and overall facilitation.


  • Entertainment Venues Association Conference.
  • Keynote – It’s all about the people – industry qualifications for the entertainment and events sector.


  • New Zealand Recreation Association National Conference.
  • Keynote – The You and I of Community with Esther Bukholt Shake, Rattle and Soul – the role of recreation in disasters.


  • New Zealand Recreation Association National Conference Advancing your career with Professor Bevan Grant Connecting the Dots.
  • Evaluation frameworks using the Balanced Scorecard Model.

Awards to Lumin

In recognition of their extensive contribution to the recreation and sport sector, Lumin has been awarded the:

Outstanding Research, Policy and Planning Award, NZRA, 2018

Kāpiti Coast District Council and Lumin received a Merit Award for their Maclean Park Refresh – Community Engagement

Outstanding Research, Policy and Planning Award, NZRA, 2011

Lumin and Wellington City Council’s Searchlight: Community and Market Analysis won the NZRA 2011 Research Award

Maunsell Scholarship Award, NZRA, 2007

Robyn’s research project “Enhancing the work satisfaction of recreation administrators” explored issues facing the recreation sector and identify strategies for addressing these.    She presented the results at the NZRA IFPRA International Conference – Making Connections – Making a Difference.